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Euphorbia I

Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia L.
 Sp. Pl. 1: 450. 1753 [1 May 1753]
   Euphorbia is one of the largest and most diverse genera, in both number of species, and in form types.  From large branched trees to tiny shrubs, and from leafy European Spurges to pachyforms and subterranean caudiciforms, and strange Medusa forms unlike anything else.  Many species of Euphorbia employ the use of colorful bracts to highlight their insignificant flowers, and the bracts on some species can be quite showy, like Poinsettias and Crown of Thorns.

   Over the years several other genera have been reclassified as, or at least speculated to be within the Euphorbia genus, and with the recent use of genetic mapping, these claims have been verified.  Some examples include Chamaesyce, Elaeophorbia, Endadenium, Monadenium, and Synadenium, just to name a few.

   Although Euphorbias' may vary greatly in form and texture, one thing they all have in common is the milky white sap, known as latex.  This latex, although in varying amounts, is always toxic.  Although some species might just cause mild skin irritation, at the most, for a dermal exposure, others many cause painful temporary blindness for ocular exposure, or if ingested WILL kill you.  This is important to realize if you have children or pets, or just when you prune or take cuttings of your Euphorbias.
Euphorbia I, II, III, IV
Euphorbia acurensis  
Candellabra -
low water requirement full sun exposure

   This cactus like Ethiopian native Euphorbia prefers lots of light, but not too much water.  It has 1 1/2" to 2" thick three to four angled multi-branched green stems, and small, oval, bright green temporary leaves.  When planted in the ground, this plant will grow 15' tall or more, but can be kept smaller in a container.
Euphorbia aeruginosa   Schweick.
Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1935, 205.
very low water requirement half shade exposure

   Native to Transvaal, Cape Province
Euphorbia ammak   Schweinf.
Bull. Herb. Boissier vii. App. II. 319.
low water requirement full sun exposure
Euphorbia cylindrifolia   Marn.-Lapost. & Rauh
Kakt. & Sukkulent. xii. 69 (1961).
low water requirement
Euphorbia cylindrifolia ssp. tuberosa  
low water requirement
Euphorbia  decaryi   Guillaumin
Cactus, iii. No. 6, 3, nomen; et in Bull. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris, 1934, SerII. vi. 120, descr.
low water requirement half shade exposure

Native to Madagascar.
Euphorbia decaryi  Guillaumin  var. spirosticha  Rauh & G. Buchloh
Cact. Succ. J. (Los Angeles) 59(1): 9. 1987
low water requirement half shade exposure

  Native to Madagascar
Euphorbia  decaryi x recumbent  
medium water requirement half shade exposure

   This hybrid is a cross between E. decaryi and E. recumbent. It is a moderate grower with pink bracts, fleshy leaves with wavy margins, and sprawling prostrate stems, with a tendency to branch near the base, or even underground.   
Euphorbia flanaganii   N. E. Br.
Fl. Cap. (Harvey) v. II. 314 (1915).
Medusa Head -
low water requirement part shade exposure

   This interesting Euphorbia is known for its club like form with numerous branches that will eventually branch themselves.  This South African native has small yellow flowers surrounded by five petal-like structures with lobed margins that emerge from spring, through summer.
Euphorbia fruticosa  Forssk.    
Fl. Aegypt.-Arab. 94. 1775 [1 Oct 1775]
low water requirement

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 Euphorbia genoudiana   Ursch & Leandri
 Euphorbia gottlebei   Rauh
 Euphorbia grandicornis   K.I.Goebel
 Euphorbia greenwayi   P.R.O.Bally & S.Carter
 Euphorbia groenewaldii   R.A.Dyer
 Euphorbia hofstaetteri   Rauh
 Euphorbia ingens   E.Mey.
 Euphorbia ingens, Monstrose form  
 Euphorbia invenusta   (N.E.Br.) Bruyns
 Euphorbia lactea   Haw.
 Euphorbia lactea Variegated, Crested and Grafted
 Euphorbia leucodendron   Drake
 Euphorbia loricata   Lam.

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 Euphorbia mammillaris   L.
 Euphorbia mammillaris variegata
 Euphorbia meloformis   Ait.
 Euphorbia milii   Des Moul.
 Euphorbia milii 'Aureum'
 Euphorbia milii White variety
 Euphorbia milii hybrid
 Euphorbia millotii   Ursch & Leandri
 Euphorbia neostapelioides   Bruyns
 Euphorbia obesa   Hook. f.
 Euphorbia platyclada   Rauh
 Euphorbia polygona   Haw.
 Euphorbia polygona v. Snowflake
 Euphorbia pseudocactus   A.Berger
 Euphorbia pseudograntii   Bruyns
 Euphorbia pseudograntii v. rubrum

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 Euphorbia ritchiei   (P.R.O.Bally) Bruyns
 Euphorbia species Crested
 Euphorbia stellaespina   Haw.
 Euphorbia stenoclada
 Euphorbia tirucalli   L.
 Euphorbia tirucalli 'Firesticks'
 Euphorbia trigona   Mill.
 Euphorbia trigona fa. rubra
 Euphorbia viguieri   Denis
 Euphorbia viguieri var. ankarafantsiensis
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Euphorbia I
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